Discover the earning potential of a multi-let

You will earn net rental income at or near full market rent

Room by room rental income
We are specialists in renting out fully serviced properties on a per room basis (multi-let) and only take commission from the added value we create.
Multi-lets make sense
Letting out your property as a multi-let typically increases the total rental income by £100 to £120 per bedroom, per month, compared to letting it out as whole unit [single-let].

Multi-letting is also a more dynamic market. On average, we fill an empty property with tenants in just 10 days and normally only have 2 days vacant per year once set up is complete.

Choose the right commission plan for you

Both plans include full property management and household services.  Please see table below for our full service breakdown

Fixed Commission

Full property management at a fixed rate of £100 per month per tenanted bedroom in the property. For example, we will receive £300 per month for a fully let 3-bed property with living room.

  •  Your net rental income will be 0-2% below the property’s single-let market rate
  • On average, you won’t receive rent for the first 10 days during setup, and only 2 days annually once your property is up and running as a multi-let   

Rent Guaranteed

We pay you the agreed monthly rent each month from day one of the agreement, whether the property is let out or not.

  • Typically, we guarantee rent at 4% below the property’s single-let market rate
  • Eliminates risk of void rental periods
  • Gives you peace of mind

Not sure which commission plan is right for you?

GET IN TOUCH and we’d be happy to chat through the options with you

Full list of services included in our two plans

IncluededFixed CommissionRent Guarantee
Rental Valuationcheckcheck
Inventory report of each room at tenancy changecheckcheck
End of tenancy clean for each room at tenancy changecheckcheck
Maintenance managementcheckcheck
Compliance managementcheckcheck
Let sign outside the housecheck-2check
Viewings and tenant screeningcheckcheck
Deposit protectioncheckcheck
Rent collectioncheckcheck
Tenant managementcheckcheck
Tenancy renewalscheckcheck
Tenancy agreement per roomcheckcheck
Inventory check in and out of each room at tenancy changecheckcheck
End of tenancy clean of each room at tenancy changecheckcheck
Weekly cleaningcheckcheck
Household bills managementcheckcheck
Informal inspection every two monthscheckcheck
Rent guaranteed / no void rentcheck-2check
Rent paid in advancecheck-2check