Your rent covers everything

No agency fees. No surprises. Simple terms.

Our pricing is transparent
With Immediate, you won’t get any nasty surprises and suddenly have to pay extra costs when you move in, during the tenancy, or when you move out.


You only pay rent and deposit
We do a room inventory report when you move in and out of the household. If all is well once you move out, your deposit will be refunded to you, usually within a few days, or maximum two weeks afterwards.


Your tenancy agreement is for you and your room
You will never be liable for covering another tenant’s bills or rent on empty rooms in the property. We take complete responsibility for replacing your flat mates if they move out.

Our Services Include:

We handle the admin

  • Room clean before you move in
  • Inventory report at start and end of your tenancy
  • We manage reference checks
  • Comprehensive tenancy agreement

Manage everything online

  • Hassle-free digital management of your tenancy
  • Manage rent payments online
  • Get easy access toreceipts, key documents and manuals
  • Report and track maintenance or service issues

Simple terms

  • 4 months minimum tenancy
  • 1 month notice to move out
  • 1 month rent for deposit
  • Move in money = 1 month rent + deposit