Get tenants you can trust

We’re experts in finding the right people for your property

Hand selected professional tenants
With over 15 years experience finding trustworthy, professional tenants for co-living households, we can guarantee your property will be kept in great condition and your rental income will be higher.


We apply the human factor
We don’t rely on machines to screen tenants. We do a thorough character analysis and factual background check to make sure they are the right person for your property.


We create happy tenants through service and transparency
Our tenants love our all-inclusive service with no extra fees or hidden costs. Their rent covers everything. We prioritise maintenance and repairs, and our extensive household service makes their life easier while making your property a place they can call home.

Our services include

Expert tenant screening

  • Access to professional tenants across London
  • Thorough background checks
  • Comprehensive character analysis
  • We select tenants that will get along and look after your property

Extensive household service

  • Greatly increases tenant satisfaction
  • The home is kept clean and in great condition
  • Tenants has no hassle sharing bills and chores with flat mates
  • Fast response to any issues
  • We build a close rapport with our tenants